Our Story

EVADE was born from a big dream of change, from a desire to change a world facing a planetary environmental crisis. In an age when "fast fashion" is still not taken seriously, very few are serious about solving this problem.

To support our vision, several years of research have led us to focus on plants with the potential to be transformed into a textile with extraordinary properties, in an eco-responsible manner. This is how bamboo became obvious to us. A fast-growing plant, bamboo does not require any fertilizer or special maintenance to develop. Better still, its fiber is recognized for its antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory properties, its breathability as well as its extreme lightness. In other words : perfection.

With bamboo fiber growing in popularity, most brands use it in the form of viscose (also known as rayon). Although they offer most of the benefits of bamboo, these fabrics are not as environmentally friendly as they seem. Viscose results from an extraction process using non-reusable chemical agents, therefore in no way ecological. Once the extraction cycle is complete, the chemicals are therefore discarded, causing pollution. In addition, chemical agents break down bamboo fiber, drastically reducing the effectiveness of its natural properties.

Contrary to what is usually found on the market, our bamboo textile is produced by mechanical extraction of fibers. Thus, each of the wonderful properties of bamboo is preserved, with all respect for our beautiful planet.

The ultimate comfort of our bamboo garments has already captured the hearts of thousands of customers around the world, and this is just the start! We are pursuing our mission of continuously improving our products, in order to meet your highest expectations in terms of comfort and environmental awareness.